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Comprehensive Planning

This Process heavily involves our clients and is composed of these stages:

  • Establish Financial Goals and Objectives
  • Gather Data
  • Analyze Information
  • Recommend a Plan
  • Implement the Plan
  • Monitor the Plan for changes and progress.

We hope to be a Financial "Advisor" for life to our clients. We are part of their "Team". Once the Financial Plan is created and agreed to, we move to the Implementation stages.

Retirement and Income Planning

Similar to Comprehensive planning, we use a common sense approach. Determine the time of Retirement and income required to live comfortably. Then provide an income plan to help achieve the Goal. This includes Social Security, Retirement plans, Health needs, housing decisions and eventually estate planning.

Diversified Portfolio Management

Diversified Portfolio Management

Once we have set Financial targets, we develop plans that will pursue those targets.. Consequently each of our clients Portfolios is unique and aimed at their individual goals. We take into consideration the Client Objectives, Risk Tolerance, Time Frame and Income needs when constructing these Portfolios. The steps to the Asset Allocation process are as follows:

  • Assess existing Portfolio
  • Determine the Generic Asset Classes required
  • Determine the mix of investments
  • Select the specific investments in each of the Asset Classes
  • Monitor and review to ensure we stay on track with our Goals

We accomplish this last step by producing Quarterly Summary statements that show our clients how they are doing. These are reviewed a number of times per year with the client. We are an independent, unbiased analyst for a vast array of Investments. This enables us to pick those that best meet our clients needs. A long term horizon also greatly increases the odds of a successful investment program. Our compensation is either a Fee Basis or a Commission Basis; what ever makes the most sense for the client. We prefer the Fee-Based accounts simply because it eliminates certain concerns and minimizes most trading or up-front costs for our clients.

Estate and Insurance Planning 

As our Clients become more successful and wealthier they naturally progress to Estate Planning concerns. In fact, we hope that all of our clients have this problem. It means that we all did our jobs and they have too much money!

Your Estate includes everything you own, including Life Insurance proceeds. A good Estate Plan should minimize Conflict, Delay, Costs and Taxes. The basic Tools of Estate Planning are:

  • Unlimited Marital Deduction
  • Unified Gift and Estate Tax Credit
  • Annual Gift Tax Exclusion
  • Life Insurance

We walk through these as well as Wills, Trusts and Charitable Strategies with our Clients. Again, the Process is based on Common Sense. Set the Goals, devise the Plan, and implement. We also advise as to the proper amount and types of insurance coverage that they need. This includes Life, Long-Term Care and Disability converge.

Diversification seeks to reduce the volatility of a portfolio by investing in a variety of asset classes. Neither asset allocation nor diversification guarantee against market loss or greater or more consistent returns.

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